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A Definitive Guide to Wedding Photography Styles

A Definitive Guide to Wedding Photography Styles

So you are getting married! Great, isn’t it? One of the aspects of the wedding that confuses most couples out there is the wedding photography styles. There are various wedding photography styles out there. As such, selecting the best wedding photography style or theme for the big day is a daunting task. You would like to go for the wedding photography style that makes you comfortable and brings out the best in you & your partner.

Though your wedding photographer might help you in suggesting the best wedding photography styles out there, you must know about some of them in advance. Here are some of our top suggestions for you:

  • Creative Wedding Photography: It is quite rare to ensure the perfect planning of the wedding day. Ensuring that the most candid, unexpected, and emotional moments in your wedding get captured by the wedding photographer is something that makes way for a creative wedding shoot. If you are looking for something fun at your wedding, then you ask the wedding photographer to be immensely creative and take some of the most creative shots throughout the celebration.


  • Fine Art Photography: Fine art photography can be described as a beautiful painting inside the photograph. It represents something more than just an image –it is an art of its own. During a typical wedding photography scenario, fine art photography tends to stand out with its application of pastel hues, soft focus, and amazing utilization of light. The fine art photograph appears to reveal some kind of special romance that calls for an amazing photoshoot. Most of the couples out there are nowadays opting for fine art photography to bring out the best results.


  • Documentary Photography: Towards ensuring that the wedding is a fun, exciting event throughout, most of the wedding photographers suggest the couples go for exceptional documentary photography. Documentary wedding photography implies that the couple feels more relaxed on the big day and the wedding photographer is able to capture some of the most special moments during the day.


  • Traditional, Classic Photography: The primary idea behind this timeless wedding photography style is to come up with some posed photographs to be displayed in the wedding album. In this style, the wedding photographer is known to work from the given “shot list” ensuring that he or she is able to cover all the essential elements of the wedding. Towards coming up with the best shots, the wedding photographer ensures adjusting every aspect of the wedding –right from the equipment to the background, body alignment, attire of the couple, and so more.

  • Illustrative Photography: This style is more common in engagement photography. It turns out to be a blend of photojournalism and traditional wedding photography. Great emphasis is given to the lighting, background, and composition of the wedding theme or décor. Illustrative photography is aimed at capturing some of the best candid moments while offering the technical touch to the posed photographs.


Ensure the best wedding photography style for your big day and depending on where toy live, ensure to enlist an affordable wedding photographer Essex!

How Does a Digital Camera Work?

How Does a Digital Camera Work?

All you have to do to make a digital camera capture the moment – is simply press the button. That’s it. But what happens inside the camera, once you have taken the picture, is an extremely interesting process. In fact, this device has a lot of different parts that have to work hard in order to make sure that you never forget this anniversary, wedding or holiday.

What is the Main Difference between a Digital and a Film Camera?

Both of these types of cameras are lightproof boxes. And all-in-all they look pretty much alike. You press the button and a small aperture in front of the camera opens to let in a portion of light. This process is the same for both of the types.
But what is completely different – is the destination of the light. There is no film in a digital camera. The light rays are captured by a special electronic device that turns them into electrical signals.

Why are Numbers Used in a Digital Camera?

Reflected light from the object that you are taking a picture of travels to the camera lens that zooms it in. Then this newly formed picture hits a sensor chip. This little guy is responsible for breaking the light into millions of small pixels.
What are these pixels?
If you have a really close look at your TV monitor or zoom into a photo on your computer, you will see that all these images are composed of tiny colored squares. These squares are pixels.

Now, back to the sensor chip. It also measures the brightness and the color of each ‘square’. Then every pixel is stored in the memory of the camera as a number. Yes, in digital cameras long numbers describe exactly what you will be seeing on the printed picture.

The Digital World

As soon as the picture is stored in a numeric form, you have the opportunity to edit it, download to other digital devices and so on. These ‘numbers’ are the language of practically all the gadgets that we use nowadays. That’s exactly why they all ‘understand’ each other.
Can you turn ordinary printed photos into digital ones?
Yes, of course. Printed images can easily be stored in the digital world thanks to another device – a scanner. In fact, it works practically like a digital camera. A scanner uses light that ‘scans’ across the image to turn it back into tiny pixels.

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